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Ultrasound Detector

The Ultrasound emitted by our transducers connected to our equipment is above the hearing ability of humans and hence inaudible to us.

All our transducers can be tested with the help of a test switch or transducer testing mode on the controller to which they are interfaced. The transducers when in testing mode will cross over to an audible range emitting a beep beep sound.

However, for the purpose of testing our transducers when they are actually emitting ultrasound we have developed the Spectrum Analyzer and Ultrasound Detector which can detect ultrasound being emitted from our transducers thereby confirming their correct working.

Ultrasound Detector
The Ultrasound Detector is utilized for commissioning of the equipment. The Ultrasound Detector detects the presence of ultrasound emitted by the transducers and indicates the same by the deflection of the needle on its front panel. The same is illustrated graphically above :

The Ultrasound Detector can work with our Analog as well as Digital Product suite.

Note: These gadgets are not a part of the standard package and have to be bought separately.

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