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Salient Features:
  • 10000 Sq Feet of Area Coverage per system.
  • Can drive upto 20 Torrant Transducers.
MASER CRMS (Centralized Reporting and Monitoring System) Software supporting:
  • Online servicing/maintenance via web meetings.
  • Scheduled or Real Time health status report generation for Systems Audit.
  • Parameter configuration of the controller.
  • Two-way Communication between the controller and the computer.
  • MASER RS/ EIA 485 to RS/EIA 232C converter to transfer the controller data to the serial port of your computer.
LCD display with on-board controls for changing the following parameters.
  • Wave Speed: Is an indicator for the number of frequency sweeps per minute. It can have a maximum value of 130 and a minimum value of 60. The incremental size is 5 i.e. 65,70,75 and so on.
  • Wave Density: Is an indicator for the number of divisions within a frequency band. It can have a maximum value of 100 and a minimum value of 80. The incremental size is 10 i.e.80,90 and 100.
  • Frequency Band Time: Is an indicator of the time for which the controller would operate in a pre programmed frequency band. There are 3 bands available: Band A, Band B, and Band C. This parameter can have maximum value of 10 minutes and a minimum value of 1 minute per band. Depending upon the time frame set for each band, the controller will switch the bands automatically.
  • Machine/Controller ID: Is an indicator of the machine/controller identification number. It can have any value within the range of 0 to 255.
  • Password Protection: Every controller is password protected. To change the parameters mentioned above you have to key in the password. The password can be changed if required. The password can be any 5 digit number.
  • Frequency Testing: This feature will enable the user to test and verify the frequency that is being transmitted from the controller to the transducer. This feature would be particularly useful during systems audit.
  • Transducer Testing: All the 20 transducers can be tested in an audible range one at a time by using this feature.
  • Provision for restoring all the parameters to the factory default setting
  • Inbuilt RS/EIA-485 transmission upto 1.2 kms to BMS room.
  • Provision of a termination switch so that the controller data can be transferred to the computer and can be subsequently viewed by installing MASER CRMS Software.
  • Daisy chain protocol for interfacing 64 controllers (nodes)
  • Independent Driver for each transducer.
  • Independent test facility for each transducer.
  • Torrant Transducer can cover up to 500 sq. feet of area above false ceiling, below false ceiling and below false flooring.
  • Torrant Transducer can be interfaced with MASER STREAME controller.
  • Frequency band of > 20Khz and < 60 Khz is pre tuned for 100 different frequencies.
  • UL and CE approved transformers for power supply. File No: E305834, vol No.1, Sec.1.
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