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Maser Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers are high frequency signal generators. These signals are fed to the transducers which in turn convert them into high frequency sound waves (well above the 20 Khz frequency which is the upper limit of the hearing range of humans). The transducers emit intensive sound waves at high decibels (sound pressure) that are audible and painful to rodents but are inaudible and harmless to humans. The rodents usually leave the area being protected by the ultrasound waves immediately and at other times it may take as long as 4 to 6 weeks before there is significant reduction in rodent infestation. They do not get killed. The transducers are quiet. If you cannot hear them, do not think that the unit is not working. You cannot hear ultrasound.


The powerful sound waves generated by the transducers of the repellers are within the hearing range of many pests, and cause them pain and discomfort. Sometimes, the pests will leave the area being protected immediately, and at other times it will take as long as four to six weeks before there is a significant reduction in infestation.

The transducers are quiet. If you cannot hear them, do not think that the unit is not working. You cannot hear ultrasound. It takes three to six weeks for the system to have it's desired effect on the Rodents. The Ultrasound emitted by the machine becomes unbearable to the rodents and they try to run away. Rodents get irritated and look out for quiet safer areas. As a result of the continuous sound pressure emitted by the machines some rodents become violent hence there should be an opening like a door or a window to escape. Post commissioning of the system sometimes shows increased rodent activities, what we say as the regular Post Commissioning Syndrome. The agitated rodents unable to bear the sound waves are disoriented and vent out their discomfort until they are flushed out or find an escape route.

Rodents stop entering the areas being protected by Maser Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, because the ultrasonic sound waves hit their eardrums and cause them considerable pain and discomfort. They do not get immune since the sound output is at varying frequencies. They do not die unless they get trapped in a particular place for days together or are under consistent exposure to ultrasonic sound.


As compared to conventional methods MASER is
  • CLEAN and SAFE
  • Compact and handy
  • Easy to install
  • Rodents and Pests cause lot of damages incurring heavy loss. Installation of MASER Repeller will help to reduce these losses.


1. Ferocious types of rodents:
  • Ratus Satus : Strong and most dangerous
  • Bandicoots : Ghoose
  • Mice : Thin and long
  • Rats : Normal size
2. Population:

It is estimated that in India there are 11 rodents for every human being.

3. Reproduction:

As per the estimate available, one pair of a rodent and their offsprings together multiply into 5000 nos. (approx) in a year.

4. Life Span:

Generally, life span of rodents is about 3 years.

5. Eating Habits:
  • Rodents eat food weighing about 25% of their own weight every day. They never run and eat, instead they pick-up the food and eat it in a corner or at a safer place.
  • Rodents have territorial limitations and they do not trespass into the domains of other rodents unless driven into starvation.
  • When a rodent dies in a particular area the rest of them leaves that place immediately and might reappear again only after few days.
  • Rodents do not have the capacity to close their ears.
  • They are found to the highly vindictive and revengeful creatures when cornered.

1. Uncomfortable and painful:

The high pressure ultrasound waves have a very adverse effect on the ear drums of the rodents and is unbearable to them. They eventually leave the area after initial resistance.

2. Adverse effect on the nervous system:

Ultrasonic sound waves have a very bad effect on the nervous system of Rodents and make them sluggish.

3. Reproduction:

Ultrasonic sound waves reduce the very desire for sex in rodents and this in turn helps in controlling rodent population.

4. Eating habits and Mobility:

If they stay in contact with the Ultrasonic sound waves for more than 3 or 4 days, possibility is that their eating habits get affected and mobility is reduced.

General Requirements for optimum applications:


1. Types of surfaces:

The area where the machine is to be installed should have at least three surfaces i.e. ceiling, side walls and floor to have maximum bouncing/reflection of sound waves. Partitions reduce the effective area of the unit. The machine should be directed towards any hard surface for maximum bouncing effect. The reflections of sound waves vary from surface to surface and some examples are given below:
  • Glass surface Maximum reflection
  • Plain finished walls 80 to 90 %
  • Rough finished walls 60 to 70%
  • Wooden surface 60 to 70%
  • Gunny bags/Corrugated boxes 25 to 30%
2. Area covered will depend upon the following:
  • The interior layout of the place
  • Style/system of the storage
  • The content of storage
  • The cleanliness of the area
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